Other Than Being Eco-Friendly, Here Are 5 Reasons to Buy An Electric Car

Other Than Being Eco-Friendly, Here Are 5 Reasons to Buy An Electric Car

Even if an electric car wasn’t branded as ‘eco-friendly’, people would still line up to buy it. When car buyers decide to buy a new vehicle, the top reason probably has nothing to do with saving the environment. That may be what the most well-known benefit of an electric vehicle, but it is far from being the only benefit. Apart from style, any car buyer also wants to know what’s under the hood before they buy a car. They want to make sure that the car not only fits into their lifestyle, but that it will work so well that they can keep it in the family a long time. Electric cars offer many advantages that are very competitive against fuel-operated vehicles. Clydesdale Bank can help you fund your purchase. Consider the following electric car benefits when you are looking at your next vehicle purchase.

  1. You save money on fuel – The biggest advantage an electric car has over fuel-powered vehicles is the rising cost of fuel. At an average price of 130.5 ppl during January 2014, it can pay to invest in an electric vehicle instead. While the price is lower than in December of the previous year, that doesn’t mean the price will continue to decline. Historically, electric cars are cheaper to operate than fuel vehicles. The fluctuation in fuel prices can be maddening to people who are on a budget, but with electric vehicles you can save money while getting a pretty good estimate of your total cost to operate during any one season.
  2. Special energy tariffs are available – Even though electricity is cheaper than fuel, you can also get an even better deal by making use of special energy tariffs designed for people who own an electric vehicle. British Gas offers an Off-Peak Saver Tariff designed to provide 20 hours of electricity at a lower rate for electric car users. However, that rate will also apply to other appliances you use around the home during off-peak hours.
  3. More efficient than fuel engines – Electric fuel engines are said to be 400 to 600 per cent more efficient than a regular fuel combustion engine. There are no pistons to fire and the entire motor can fit in a 5-gallon water bottle. Despite the size, the engine can produce the same speeds that you would expect with a regular combustion engine. With better efficiency, you reduce your energy needs and subsequently the cost to operate the vehicle.
  4. Less maintenance – Without messy fuel issues, you have less maintenance on an electric vehicle. There are fewer moving parts, which also contributes to the ease of maintenance. There are no oil changes or tune-ups required with an electric vehicle. Dirty air filters are a thing of the past, too. Aside from replacing a battery, there are fewer maintenance issues with an electric car than with a fuel-powered vehicle.
  5. Smooth and quiet operation – Electric motors are very quiet. It can be hard to tell when they’re running. Your kids will never be able to tell when you’re parking in the driveway, leaving you with the element of surprise. Even if you don’t have kids, many electric car owners relish the sound of silence in comparison to noisy fuel engines. It is one way to reduce urban noise pollution in your own home.

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