Video 1: What are Savings Bonds? with Hill Billy Cindy Lou

What actually are Savings Bonds? Lots of people hear the term banged around from pillar to post as if its the new ‘buzz’ word in the industry, well truth is its just not. They’re made to sound a lot more complicated than they actually are, so for the first in this new WILD Finance video series we are trying to bring Finance to the common man, to relate and converse in a way that everyone can easily understand finance.  If you watch the video below, this months guest is Cindy Lou who explains that they are simply savings accounts with higher interest rates as they’re more for the saver who doesn’t have to dip into it for emergencies all the time, in fact in many cases you put the money down and have no choice but the leave it there.

If you already know what savings bonds are, well done you, but even if you are a fountain of financial knowledge, i’m sure you’ll appreciate Cindys contribution below…she’s WILD!


This video series will last for an initial period of 6 months, and posted on the 1st and 15th of every month! ENJOY!

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  2. Cindy Lou… what a sort!!!

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