What to consider when planning a road trip in the UK

Being on a road trip can be an utterly awesome experience; you can check out a kaleidoscope of breathtaking sights while enjoying the kind of exhilaration that you would typically get at a funfair. However, the usual attractions of a road trip are added to when it takes place in the United Kingdom, a hugely diverse country in terms of its landmarks and other attractions. Before you set off, here are some things to consider to prevent the trip proving financially straining.

Make sure that you have car insurance

If you currently live outside the UK but plan to embark on a road trip in the country, you need to keep in mind that driving on UK roads in an uninsured vehicle is illegal. Fail to heed this, and you could be left with a significant fine and six points on your driving license. Furthermore, you would be banned from driving on those roads again; this would obviously be inconvenient if you like the idea of embarking on several UK road trips in fairly quick succession.

Having read this, you could feel disappointed – not least because looking for a cost-effective car insurance policy can take up a lot of time that could otherwise be spent on planning other aspects of the trip. However, this doesn’t strictly have to be the case. You could contact Call Wiser, a UK insurance broker that can do the searching instead.

Once a call to the company has started, you won’t have to wait any longer than ten minutes before a friendly member of Call Wiser staff returns with a financially appealing quote. Over 30 insurance providers will be considered during this search. If your road trip won’t last longer than 28 days, you can pick up a short term policy and so prevent spending more money than you need to.

Decide where exactly you will travel

You’ve got a huge choice here, and that can actually pose a problem. It means that, if you don’t significantly narrow down that choice, you could end up spending more than you had originally planned. One way of keeping your trip financially palatable is cleverly planning your exact route before embarking it. Hence, you can avoid the cost-inefficiency of – for example – a trip between Birmingham and London where you would ignore many of the sights in-between those cities.

Instead, look for somewhere that offers lots of exciting sights within a relatively small space. For help, you could look at this Rough Guides article about some of the UK’s best road trips. Those journeys include Scotland’s North Coast 500, where you would be able to check out wonderful castles, beaches and whisky distilleries on a track stretching 805 kilometres. Alternatively, you could take the A39 road between Bridgewater and Bude in south-west England – and, along the way, enjoy views of the Cornish coast, which features in the hit TV period drama Poldark.

How to keep kids entertained on a road trip

If you will be taking little ones along, you will naturally want to keep the dreaded cries of “Are we nearly there yet?” at bay. Thankfully, there are many cost-effective ways of preventing their boredom setting in. You could load lots of Harry Potter and Pixar films onto tablets, advises the Evening Standard – though remember to check that these devices are completely charged ahead of the journey. If you don’t have tablets, they can be delightfully inexpensive to buy these days.

Of course, music can keep your children in thrall as well – and, no, you don’t necessarily have to dig out that old Bob the Builder CD. Set up a playlist covering various acts and genres – think classic favourites like The Beatles and David Bowie, more recent tracks from Little Mix, and maybe even a bit of comedy from Monty Python. You could put together a playlist on the music streaming service Spotify – it’s free to register for basic membership, which is all you need.

So, as you can now see, making your money go much further during a road trip often just calls for a bit of creative thinking. Money that you save could go towards buying souvenirs at various stops.

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